Forth Angel
you show them the moon and they looks at your finger
keep the change
Rise and Sing
a brief intro

Edwige, (pronounced as Eduee(d)ge with the second d silent) , one of the most original and inspired artists currently on the acoustic circuit has just released her fourth album "The Fourth Angel".

A singer/songwriter, she is very highly spoken of not only for the quality of her songs but for the uniqueness and beauty of her voice; whether soaring in the higher octaves, or gently flowing in the lower ranges her singing, Edwige cannot fail to give goose bumps.

Inimitable, incomparable and exhilarating, she will lift your spirits.

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edwige guitar
a brief intro

The latest album by the critically aclaimed artist, Edwige (pronounced as edueege) is available now.

Find out more about this groundbreaking album in the discogaphy section of this website, including audio samples andd lyrics.

This is the forth album from the endless talents of
Edwige. She will be performing verious gigs to promote the release. Check the tour dates here.

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the forth angel